Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paper Boats Still Life

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I am painting variety of objects. I don't have any style as yet hence it is easy for me to venture out of 'comfort zone'. It is fun and it is learning too, though my learning process may look very slow ;). Here is the new painting. I still have problem with taking good picture of paintings with dominat blue color. It doesn't come out half as good as original. But here it is anyway.Thanks for looking.


Kim said...

I really like this one! The blue is quite wonderful and the subject so simple it totally draws you in! It is so much fun to come here each day to see what you have done!

Paulette said...

The boats are great! I just went through all your paintings, 2 months of a painting a day, really show improvement in your work. Very cool.
My back yard, or the back back as we call it looks similar to yours. We have a conservation area, the deer come in groups of 6,8 and 12 to the feeders in the area, they are great to watch.

Karishma said...
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