Monday, January 7, 2008



I really enjoyed painting this from a photograph. It is bigger than my usual, it's 8x10. I am happy with the painting for a change. Thanks.Have a good day.

AVAILABLE $110, Ready to hang,contact


bj said...

Your paintings, with attention to color, are vibrant! I visited your blog and your website. You do wonderful artworks.

indiaartist said...

Thanks bj.
I recently started painting and I am not very confident about colors. I basically like to draw and have done this all my life-in classrooms during lectures, watching TV,while reading books I doodled if I got single inch of paper to do that. Thanks for dropping by.

Mike said...

Very nice work! You have plenty of talent!! Just paint and don't worry about the value of the results. Soon you will be skipping along with fabulous work. This piece is very lively and delightful. Thanks for visiting my blog!

indiaartist said...

Thank you Mike for your kind words and encouragement. I really appreciate it. Come again to see my new paintings.