Friday, January 11, 2008

my January work

I worked on these three color schemes and I think it's fun to see them together. The apples are inspiration from daily blog of other artist.

1. As green as it gets
2. Gossiping
3. Count us- (Bananas SOLD )

No 1. and 2. AVAILABLE $70, Ready to hang,contact


Rhonda Hurwitz said...

I just found your blog today when you left me a comment. I love your work! thanks for the compliment. I plan to try oils this year...maybe you will try pastels:) love getting inspiration from all the other artist blogs:)

wagonized said...

Beautiful colors, atmosphere and composition in these three pieces!

indiaartist said...

Thank you Rhonda. It really is inspiring to see daily bloggers at work and the things you can learn from them.
Thank you Wagonized for visiting. I think drawing bug caught me, too when I was a small girl. That quite never left me.