Sunday, February 3, 2008

Face 2

I am tagged by Paulette from Becoming a Renaissance Woman ( and I am supposed to write five things about myself.
1. Good or bad but big cities, high rising buildings and great skylines don’t inspire me. I look towards nature for inspiration. Increasing encroachment of man on nature worries me. It is constant source of my anxiety.
2. I am a vegetarian. I am trained to be an Ayurvedic consultant (Ayurveda is ancient health science of India which talks about Right Way of eating and behavior according to seasons and also treating illness accordingly). I use this knowledge to eat right and cook healthy (though Ayurveda is not about vegetarianism).
3. New thing I learnt in last 2 years is scrapbooking. My scrapbooks are for my three year old daughter. Whole world revolves around her. Scrapbooking is my way to cling to all these sweet years when we both are still close to each other. Ya, she will fly away when her wings are stronger.
4. I have always believed that you get what you contemplate. That only means that if I fail in doing something I had actually programmed myself to fail. That means I can’t blame anyone for my failures and also that I am shaping my future.
5. I have recently decided to paint fulltime. Big decision. Big commitment.
That must be the biggest post ever.
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Kim said...

You are really good with faces! That is so cool! I prefer to sketch realistic subjects and paint more abstractly. But I love your faces.

Hey, I, too, am a vegetarian! I just feel so much better when I don't eat meat. Ayurveda is a wonderful science. I have had a bit of assessment in that area, myself.

I think it is very sweet of you to keep the scrapbook for your daughter. You are right, "she will fly away when her wings are stronger." I love that expression so much.

I totally agree with you that "you will get what you contemplate." We are in control, to be sure.

Painting full time! Now that is so cool. You will do very well, too. Now this is really going to be an even MORE interesting blog to watch!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Grape Mike said...

Thanks for sharing all this, Manjiree! From the looks of the happiness and health in your face in your photograph, there is much you could teach us all!

I will see what I can do to make your tagging effort worthwhile.


Paulette said...

You get what you contemplate...that is so true! I scrapbook too, although not lately. I'm off to look at your tags.

Sandy said...

Love the face, technique a lot.