Friday, February 8, 2008

Cherry and the cup

This is another red and white and now I have decided not to touch the red tube again soon.

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Lovely, lovely painting. I certainly enjoyed reading 5 things about you. I agree with you, it's all in a person's thinking. Also, I loved the tomato's you painted.
Stacey's painting are certainly beautiful. How nice that you receive this one.

Sandy said...

Wonderful painting.


Kim said...

Beautiful! Ah...please go ahead and pick up the red again! You handle it so well!

I always look forward to visiting here.

indiaartist said...

Thanks Nancy, Stacey's painting is more beautiful to see in person. Thanks Sandy for visiting.
I may soon return to the same combinatin, Kim. So don't worry.

Terry Rafferty said...

So if you aren't going to use red for awhile, how about going back to the luscious blue of your Paper Boat Still Life, or the purple and yellow from Lemon in Eggplant Bowl.... but then I love the Polka Dots Cup too, so maybe just stay with the red? :-) They are all wonderful -