Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Continuing the chain

I think, first time I visited Stacey Peterson's blog at Blank Canvas (, it was the day of her pay forward post. I got lucky and recieved this lovely painting from her. When I actually got it I realized the differnce between looking at somebody's painting on a website and looking at it in a gallery. I was thrilled to see the subtle colors and the fine texture of her small 6x8 painting. What an accomplished artist considering she has not recieved a big formal training to be a professional painter! I am not great at taking fine pictures and hope this shows the texture and colors properly.

You can click the link to see Stacey's paintings if you have not already seen them. They show majestic beauty of mountain peaks of her region.

If you are the first to comment on this post you'll get my artwork. If you are not the first, do not worry, I want to do this several times a year. What a fun. Thanks for watching.


Mari said...

What a nice painting. I like the color and texture, as well. You're lucky to have been a recipient of it.

Am I the first one?

indiaartist said...

Yes Mari, you are the first one, congratulations. Pl email me your address on on which to receive my artwork. Thanks.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

nice will look again send comment so i can return