Monday, September 8, 2008

Yellow Plums

Yesterday I met an extraordinary woman Terry, who has taught art to kids for over 30 years. She was kind enough to share some of books from her great collection with me. These books are fabulous! They are about technique, art history as well as visual language. I'll try to post the things I learn from these books.

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Barbara M. said...

This is a beauty. Your work
is very lively. So you are a
"colorist" too. Great work.

Thanks for your comment on my
blog, and for your exciting paintings.


Marian Fortunati said...

This is so absolutely wonderful.. I love the colors. I love the way you use the brush... How long does it take you to do these little lovely paintings?

Sandy said...

The colors and textures in the vase are great! Will look forward to your sharing from her books.

indiaartist said...

I spend anything between half an hour to one hour on a painting, sometimes more than one hr. And I enjoy every min of it. Thanks, Marian for visiting and for all your kind comments.
Thanks Barbara for visiting. You never know when you become a colorist. It is difficult to believe that Vincent Van Gogh did some of very 'grey' paintings before he became colorist. Though the greys in paintings like 'potato eaters' depicts the grim reality of peasants life and it has a different beauty of its own. I'm totally not against who paint in subtle colors, which is in fact more difficult.
Sandy, I'm already working on her books and think I'll post soon. Thanks all.