Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green Cup

I am not good at mixing different greens. Hence these few exercizes. This green cup was X'mas Tree Shop discovery.

All my brushes are geting worn out and it is time to get new ones. I have one W& N Monarch Bright. But after using it I realised it's too short hair and can't hold much paint. Another W & N University Bright no 4 was great and I used it a lot. But at the end it lost the "edge'. They spread at the tip after a while. Right now my dependable faithful friend is Expession no.10 flat shader, a soft watercolor brush. I love to work with it. But I am sure I'll be needing one flat brush very soon. Which brush do you use for small paintings?

AVAILABLE $60, Ready to hang,contact

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Theresa Rankin said...

This is simply lovely! I love the color!